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Want to Invest but Unsure How?

If you’re in the market to keep your assets increasing, then clearly investing is the best option. But where do you even start?

If you’ve been thinking about investing your money but haven’t got around to it, you’re not alone. It’s hard to find the time to even start looking at where your funds should go.

The world of investing can feel like a maze if you’re not a professional. Because it’s so tricky, a lot of people end up keeping their money in their bank account, where inflation hits it hard. Instead of making money on their balance, they’re losing it. READ MORE

What Our Team Does For You?

Why 2023 Is Ripe for Real Estate Investors


Why 2023 Is Ripe For Real Estate Investors

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Peoples Capital Group's Prior Offerings

Number of Investors: 10
Targeted Return: 10%+
Annualized COC Achieved: 24%
11 Unit Complex, Paterson, NJ
Capital Raised

Ahead of Schedule

Number of Investors: 19
Targeted Return: 10%+
Targeted IRR: 15%+
27 Apartments, Rahway, NJ
Capital Raised

Ahead of Schedule

Number of Investors: 18
Targeted Return: 10%+
Targeted IRR: 15%+
25 Unit Complex, Patterson, NJ
Capital Raised

Why Trust in Peoples Capital Group?

investing in multifamily properties

20 Years of Experience

When we’re investing in real estate, we draw on thirty years of experience in the field. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, have spent thousands of hours learning and crafting the trade and created great connections for finding and building real estate deals. We are confident in every investment we make because we integrate our experience with our due diligence. We know the industry and the market, and that gives our clients a head-start.

We Started Where You May Be Now

We didn’t start as experts in real estate investments. We started where many of our new clients do, with little experience and a world of unknown investing potential in front of us. We learned the fundamentals of successful real estate investing through hundreds of property transactions and on the way have helped more than 100+ people invest in real estate. With an 8-figure portfolio and over $50 million in transactions, we continue to help new people invest each year. If you want to achieve a new level of investing success, we can help you do it.

 How we do it 

Follow 4 easy steps

1 Qualification Form

We’ll start with a qualification form. We want to get to know your goals to see if we are a good fit.

2Discovery Call

We’ll arrange a call to scope out more details about your investment credentials and needs.

3Approval to Invest

Our team will process the information to determine the investment opportunity you may qualify for.

4Earn Passive Income

Once your investment is made, you can sit back and know your money is working hard for you in the wonderful sector of real estate.

Want to Know More About

Exclusive New Private offering from
Peoples Capital Group

Investing in real estate as an individual is undoubtedly harder than when investing with a group. This is because all of the work, expertise and time is provided by the Group rather than the sole individual. This gives the individual the free time to focus on what means the most to them, rather than spend their time managing all the intricacies of a piece of real estate. Though this can be worrisome at first, by investing your money with a real estate Group or Syndicate, like Peoples Capital Group, an individual often comes to the realization that they do not need to be hands on with all of their real estate investments.

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